Cavalier Funds


Our Process

Cavalier Funds is committed to partnering with those we judge to be “the best of the best” when it comes to choosing sub-advisors for our funds that meet our criteria.  Whether that results in the selection of one sub-advisor or multiple sub-advisors, we select those we believe show the greatest promise of continuing to meet our high standards.

We apply our extensive experience to identifying those investment managers who, we believe, have demonstrated their success in capturing greater upside returns while tempering the impact of sudden downdrafts.


Manager Selection

Selected managers for Cavalier Funds must meet and maintain our criteria for:

  • Benchmark performance in up markets
  • Defensive positioning in down markets
  • Consistency and adherence to stated investment philosophy
  • Continuity of the management team
  • Long term performance that meets or exceeds our fiduciary scoring review

Ongoing Due Diligence

Cavalier Funds conducts formal evaluation of its managers on a quarterly basis. We review the managers’ long-term performance, adherence to investment philosophy and the continuity of their management teams.

We believe our combined talent, experience and knowledge greatly benefit our shareholders and provide new opportunities to achieve their investment objectives.

Putting Our Process to Work

From the identification of an investment manager to the launch of a mutual fund, Cavalier utilizes a focused evaluation process, and seeks to ensure effective product solutions for our financial advisor partners.

Investment Committee

Cavalier Funds and its advisor, Cavalier Investments, operate  under the guidance of the seasoned team of experts which comprise the Cavalier Funds Investment Committee. Members are jointly responsible for the selection, monitoring – and if necessary – replacement of Fund sub-advisors.  Their decades of combined experience provide the Committee with a degree of insight into the process of identifying and selecting investment solutions to add a greater degree of diversification and adaptive correlation to client portfolios.

The Cavalier Investment Committee performs a periodic review of current managers and assessment of prospective managers.
The Investment Committee utilizes objective analytics provided by Cavalier Research and insightful information from our manager partners. The Manager Selection and Review evaluation examines 7 key attributes that assure Cavalier Solutions meet the standards our financial advisor partners demand for their clients.

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Greg Rutherford, CFP - Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Greg co-founded FolioMetrix and served and led the investment committee to the RiskX funds since 2011.  Greg was instrumental in the design of the Funds when they were previously known as the RiskX Funds, as well as the majority of relationships with the Fund’s signal providers and sub-advisors.  Prior to joining that firm, Greg was the co-founder and President of Tagge Rutherford Financial Group, a financial services firm founded in 1992.  Greg holds a designation as a Certified Financial Planner and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska  and a Master of Business Administration from Golden Gate University

Scott Wetherington, CFA® - Chief Investment Officer

Scott has over 25 years of investment management experience. Prior to joining Cavalier, Scott served as senior portfolio manager and chief investment strategist for Linder Capital Advisors from 2009 to 2016. At Linder, Scott was responsible for the firm’s investment process, portfolio allocation models, research and selection process for mutual funds and ETFs. Previously, Scott worked for ING Investment Management as a portfolio manager, overseeing active management of a multi-billion- dollar fixed income account.

Scott previously worked as an energy analyst at Mirant Incorporated and a liquidity manager and trader for an institutional money manager. Scott earned his B.B.A. in finance at James Madison University, and he also passed Level II of the CFA program. Scott lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Scott is a frequent speaker at conferences on portfolio management, and has been honored as a guest speaker at Georgia Institute of Technology lecturing on portfolio management topics to undergraduate students.